Is the Canon EOS M10 a little budget, cinematic beast? Matti from Travel Feels decided to try it out, let’s see how he got on…

For those of you looking to start making videos, be it for YouTube or vlogging, the question of what camera to use often comes up. What camera can give you nice results, but still fit your budget. And the question can be loaded, there are so many options available out there and we often find that it comes down to personal preference in the end.

That said, we join Matti Hoopoja from Travel Feels today because he was wondering the same thing. As we know, Matti is a filmmaker and used to working with some amazing cinematic gear. But what if you need something a little smaller, what type of footage and sound can you get from a camera in the budget range? Let’s take a look as Matti tests and shares a quick rundown on the Canon EOS M10.

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