View the eleven limited edition pinhole cameras from Dark Room Drawings, created by local illustrators and designers.

If you didn’t make it to Dark Room Drawings last night, you missed out – we had a lot of fun!

Here’s a selection of photos of the eleven pinhole cameras that were created by our illustrator and designer friends, as taken from the incredible limited edition Dark Room Drawings book, which is available for purchase at R300 each. Get in touch with Riette to place an order.

The Book

Dark Room Drawings Book

View More Photos

Dark Room Drawings: The Evening
Dark Room Drawings: The Photo Booth
Dark Room Drawings: The Lomography Booth

The Pinhole Cameras

Skullboy – Untitled White on Black:


Danica RicciardiNight Vision:

Danica Ricciardi

Ruschka du ToitBalmy Nights of Summer:

Ruschka du Toit

Lauren FowlerBirds in the Field:

Lauren Fowler

Jade KlaraGhost & Bat:

Jade Klara

Graham PatersonCamburger:

Graham Paterson

Riette ErrorC-3PBRO:

Riette Error

Rowan Foxcroft – Cerebraland:

Rowan Foxcroft

Wade Barnes – Space Gods:

Wade Barnes

Ninjabreadboy – Hide ‘n Seek:


Monday Design – M315:

Monday Design


Dark Room Drawings: The Pinhole Cameras

  1. The graphic design was well done, but next time Orms … please advise ahead of time that your target market is students … it was a bit embarrassing to arrive to a hipster crowd only there for the cheap pizza and free wine. Saw many “oldies” arrive and instantly turn-around. No offense, it is just an observation and could save the older-folk the effort.

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