Not one too miss: UnPublished, an exhibition of unseen news photographs, is now on show at Youngblood.

Article by Christina Bongartz, photos by Christina and Orms.

The anxiously awaited UnPublished exhibition of unseen news photographs finally opened at Youngblood gallery on First Thursdays last week.

The exhibition was organized by photojournalist Aletta Gardner who knows from her own experiences that journalists and editors are often forced to choose a couple or even only one photograph for publishing purposes. But there are often some images that will last in a photographer’s memory, even if it hasn’t been published, and these were the photographs she wanted to be seen. The exhibition consists of 25 photos selected from submissions from all over South Africa.

unpublished-exhibition-02 unpublished-exhibition-03

The outcome is incredible. It is unbelievable that all of these photographs haven’t been seen before because every single one of them carries its own impressive story. Some of them are heart-breaking, others are encouraging but all of them are special. No surprise that it was that crowded in the Beautifull Life Building during the opening.

Musician Francois Haasbroek supported the event with his performance of a great collection of cover songs. All in all it was a great atmosphere. Everyone seemed to enjoy the good vibes with great art, relaxed music and yummy food from the Beautifull Food kitchen.

unpublished-exhibition-04 unpublished-exhibition-05

The works were printed and framed at Orms Print Room & Framing.

Apart from the UnPublished exhibition there are also two more floors full of interesting art of different genres. So have a look at that too, if you’re there already! The exhibition will be up on the walls until 3 October at Youngblood in the Beautifull Life Building, 70-72 Bree Street, Cape Town.

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