Our latest competition in partnership with Canon has come to a close. We asked you to share your stories of positive change with us using the hashtags #MakeItBetterWithOrms and #ChangeTheWorldWithCanon on Instagram. Those who shared stood the chance to win either a Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Digital Camera with an RF 24-105mm Lens and RF Adapter or a Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera Vlogging Kit. After painstaking consideration, we have chosen our two winners. You can read about them and discover their awardwinning entries in this dedicated blog post.

To recognise and honour the hard work and generous sharing that went into all the submissions we received, we would like to bring attention to ten additional entries that we feel deserved an honourable mention and a shoutout from us.

#1 @giftcreates
#2 @mashau.royals
#3 @hafeezmustfall
#4 @damiankirk
#5 @janankillian
#6 @starlavida
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CANON x ORMS Hi folks! My name is Senamile and this is a little bit of my lockdown story. About 4 months ago I road-tripped to Johannesburg from CPT for an event on my family calendar from there I went “home-home” to Mpumalanga… About two weeks into this trip home a Lockdown was announced by the Pres and the rest ,well its not history and you can watch the video to hear about what I got up to in my personal capacity. After some cycles of emotions, death in the family and life just collectively handing humanity way too many lemons in this here 2020. The creative juices started hitting and I got involved in a few personal projects most notably doing something I’ve been intending to do ever since I started doing photography. Paying it forward in the community I grew up in but understanding that collaboration is currency so I knew it wouldn’t make sense to do it alone. So we are currently uniting as old and young creatives of ER and we are building this thing of positive community, collaboration and creativity culture! For us by us and hopefully Canon and Orms can add to my journey with an upgrade so I can do more. Over this last period and really over the past few years I would like to believe the world has seen the impact of respecting the agency and urgency of people telling their own stories and with that the power of the camera and photo narrative in the world today . #MakeItBetterWithOrms #ChangeTheWorldWithCanon #canoncreator #thisislavida

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#7 @shanvdbergh
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A short film I made for the Stories of Positive Change competition held by @ormsdirect and @canonrsa. This film is about how lockdown created an opportunity for me to rediscover my love for filming and editing. It reminded me why I do this in the first place, not just to earn a living but because I really love it. Lockdown also forced me to look at my space with new eyes and in a new way. How something as simple as a bathroom could even be a place of creative force if you let it. I absolutely loved composing this piece of music with my sister, she is such an unbelievably talented musician. It’s really hard sharing my work with people so look at it with kind eyes. This is my little zero budget, passion project that I’ve been working on in my spare time the last 2 weeks. I’m proud of it. #makeitbetterwithorms #changetheworldwithcanon

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#8 @itsbarbaravlogs
#9 @sesame.with.the.seeds
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@ormsdirect @canonrsa #Changetheworldwithcanon #makeitbetterwithorms firstly, thank you to Orms direct and Canon for the opportunity. Secondly, load-shedding is going to be the death of all my last minute opportunistic ventures. I tried to upload this thing so many times last night after the electricity had come back but could only do so today after sorting out whatever load-shedding caused problem we had with our router. I hope you guys will understand. what my community and I are trying to do is nothing new. We’re just trying to do our part in taking the conversation to the spaces it is needed the most and taking what comes from those spaces to the rest of the global community we are all a part of. for far too long memory of the wests development, in this society, has been equated to knowledge and knowledge to intelligence in both our educational and professional spaces. for to long have the pretenses of scarcity and private property plagued our existences. life is for living, nothing more, nothing less. and once we collectively decide that food, clothing, shelter, safe running water and communal spaces of healing, learning and creation (be it of a new tool or a new religion) are necessarily the basis of human development and thus should be provided for freely and for free, the sooner the essence of human potential will be realised.

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#10 @ndudshandu7

It is obvious that the need in our country is at an all-time high right now, and watching your videos and hearing your stories has made this all the more apparent. Over the coming weeks, we will be doing writeups of the small local businesses and photographers who entered our competition with Canon, in the hope of providing them exposure to our broader community. We will also be reaching out to the up and coming content creators who entered the competition to collaborate with them on future videos, podcast episodes and giveaways.

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