“Lost Places” is a beautiful collection of photos of derelict and abandoned locations, shot by Peter Untermaierhofer.

Urban exploration photography is an amazing genre, giving the viewers a chance to see derelict and often very inaccessible locations in all of their untouched beauty.

These photos were captured in what we presume to be Europe byΒ Peter Untermaierhofer, a German photographer. Peter wisely does not share the locations along with the photos, opting instead for cryptic titles. As beautiful as the scenes are, if the locations were known they would soon be overrun and lose much of their impact.

View more of Peter’s urbex photos on his website and Behance portfolio.

peter-untermaierhofer-2 peter-untermaierhofer-3 peter-untermaierhofer-4 peter-untermaierhofer-5 peter-untermaierhofer-6 peter-untermaierhofer-7

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.