View the aftermath of a Nikon DSLR that’s been driven over by a four wheel drive vehicle – Must see!

This is what a DSLR looks like after it has been driven over by a four wheel drive SUV. Unfortunately, we don’t have the entire story for you readers, but the destruction speaks for itself. Have a look at the gallery below, there is almost beauty in the perfection of the damage!

Photographs taken by Dean Claassens.


Nikon D90 DSLR Destroyed By 4×4

      1. I do motorsport, mainly rallies and got taken out.  My (then D200) went flying and still worked in spite of everything.  Tough buggers.  Dropped my D300 on the back of a safari van 2 weeks ago and it’s in great shape:-))  I hear canon make good photocopiers! (Kidding)

      2. It is just a camera.. and not an overly expensive one at that.  You get in a car accident and it usually costs more in damage…. While inconvenient, all this stuff is replaceable…hardly depressing or upsetting at all in comparison to real life.

  1. Is the battery still in tact and for sale? Any chance the diffuser for the speed-light is also still available? I have both of these and would like to let the memory of this camera live on in mine 🙂 Honest post. RSVP via Facebook.

    1. Haha. Didn’t think someone would want to salvage anything. Are you based in Cape Town? I think the battery is gone or was destroyed, but the flash diffuser should still be fine (you mean the wide angle flap?) – Maybe it’s best if you come in to the store and inspect the camera yourself…

      Edit: Ah, just spoke to Mike Ormrod, he’s keen to preserve the camera as it is – might even get it cast in resin! Sorry about that…

  2. even though i am a Canon head….this is truly a sad scene. i feel the pain. i hope it wasnt his own 4× which case he would need a rubber leg. i wonder if the lens survived. well look i have heard of risky action shots or getting a keeper, but this is just too much.

  3. Show us the 4×4.  Was it a Suzuki with Marie Biscuit tyres or a Land Rover with 33″ M/T’s?  I can see why Mike wants to preserve it – there’s a story in the shape.

    1. Yup, part of the lens is still stuck in the mount – surprisingly, the mirror and focussing screen are both still intact. Unfortunately we don’t have any information on the lens itself, but it was definitely destroyed as well. All we have is the camera…

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