Watch as “Hollywood’s favorite photographer”, Tyler Shields shares a few of the secrets to shooting a powerful portrait.

You guys might remember L.A-based contemporary artist and filmmaker, Tyler Shields. We shared a video on his “Decadence” series that he shot on a 50-year-old 8 x 10 camera a little while back.

Today we join Tyler, who has also at times had a bit of a reputation as the “bad boy of photography”, as he shares some valuable thoughts about the power of the portrait. See, the portrait is far more than just a photograph of a person. The mark of a great, noteworthy portrait is that it makes you feel something, draws you in and almost makes it difficult to look away. Like you can read the subject, you know what they are thinking, feeling, where they are at. But how do you do that? How do you really perfect the art of capturing an image like that… it’s a whole different ball-game.

Let’s see what Tyler has to say about the subject…

Visit to see the whole collection, alternatively, you can also follow more of his work on YouTube here.