Pitching and landing jobs with some of the biggest magazines out there, how to make it happen for yourself and photographing Bruce Springsteen. This is Story Time with Monte Isom.

Today we looking at how New York-based commercial photographer Monte Isom made his break to land some of his very first jobs with Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine. Monte is a highly sought after and photographs superstar athletes all around the globe and some of his clients include brands such as Nike, Adidas, Sony, HBO and many more.

But how did it all happen, did they suddenly just start calling? Sadly no, as Monte says, you’ve got to hustle, assist and make sure you learn as much as you possibly can from the photographers you work with. He also shares a pretty cool story about a shoot with the legendary Bruce Springsteen. Let’s find out more about Monte’s story in his own words…

If you’d like to see some of Monte’s work you can find it here. This video was shared via FStoppers, make sure you head on over and check out their YouTube channel and website, there is some invaluable information guys, so make sure you check it out.