If there’s one thing Fujifilm cameras are known for, it’s their standout body design. Even some of their most recent releases, such as the X-T4, are still characterised by manual dials for key exposure settings such as ISO and shutter speed, a design feature reminiscent of the analogue cameras of old. However, their newest camera, the Fujifilm X-S10, represents a radical departure from the beloved Fuji aesthetic, with its top panel featuring a more standard mode dial and customisable command dials akin to the ergonomic setups of entry-level DSLRs.

Deon, an Orms staff member and long-time host of our YouTube channel, has owned many a Fuji in the past, and so when our YouTube team had the opportunity to spend a day or two with the new X-S10, he was keen to put it to the test. We headed out to the beautiful coast of some of Cape Town’s southernmost suburbs to snap some photos, shoot some video and see if the X-S10 maintains that classic Fuji image quality and enjoyable shooting experience.

In our video review, we address the following points:

  • A quick rundown of the X-S10’s key specifications
  • The X-S10’s stills and video performance, with sample images
  • Comments on the X-S10’s autofocus and IBIS performance specifically
  • Are the ergonomic changes Fujifilm made with the X-S10 a mistake?
  • Our conclusion: Who is the X-S10 for?

If any of these topics piqued your interest, you can settle in and enjoy the full video on our YouTube channel, OrmsTV.

For those who would prefer to read up about the X-S10 rather than watching an 11-minute video, you can check out our detailed writeup of this new camera’s most interesting features and main specifications right here on Orms Connect.

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…and not all of them were as pleasant a surprise as the X-S10. We shared our thoughts on the puzzling Nikon Z 5 in a video in early October and tested out the incredibly niche Sony A7C a few weeks later. And let us not forget the intriguing Canon C70 cinema camera… or that time we tested the Canon R6 and it overheated while we were filming. Okay, in all fairness, that issue is resolved now and we still think it’s an awesome machine, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out more!