Introducing the Lomography Konstruktor, a fully functional 35mm film SLR that you can build at home yourself.

Have you ever wanted to build your own SLR camera? Yes? No? Well either way, now you can! Lomography has just released the Konstruktor, a fully functional 35mm film SLR that comes in kit form.

Watch this introductory video, showcasing the camera, how it’s made, and sample photos:

While some of you may prefer your cameras without the “assembly required” part on the box, the Lomography Konstruktor is perfect for those that enjoy tinkering with cameras, and it can be used as a great educational tool as well. We’re extremely excited to get our hands on a kit!

According to Lomography, the Konstruktor SLR will take around 1-2 hours to build, and is assembled using screws, with a screwdriver included in the box – perfect for a winter’s day. The kit includes a 50mm f/10 lens which produces beautiful looking images. The shutter speed is fixed at 1/80s, so you’ll need to effectively set your exposure through the speed of the film you load into the camera, but there is also a handy bulb function for those that prefer long exposures.

Here’s a demo on loading film, using the camera, and rewinding your film:

Key Features

  • Detachable 50mm f/10 Lens
  • Shutter Speed: 1/80s with multiple exposures
  • Focus Distance: 0.5m – Infinity

Pricing and Availability

We don’t have any official news yet, but we’re expecting the Konstruktor to get to South Africa in about a month’s time, with pricing to be confirmed. However, with the US pricing set at $35 excluding tax, we reckon the Konstruktor’s local pricing should be very reasonable.

Sample Photos

Product Images

For more information, visit the Lomography Konstruktor microsite.

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