We bid a final farewell to a remarkable photographer who we are honoured to have had such a close relationship with over the years.

Goodman Gallery has confirmed that the incredible documentary photographer and activist, David Goldblatt, passed away early this morning. It is with a heavy heart that we at Orms bid our farewell to a true South African legend.

But in the spirit of remembrance, we look back fondly on our time spent working side by side with him over the years. Something we have always felt enormously humbled by.

“Despite his incredible stature, wealth of experience, and adoration from those around him, David Goldblatt was never hesitant to be involved with the nitty-gritty required by his work – be it carefully weighed up decisions surrounding font size or color-grading (both of which he was able to measure by the eye!) or making lonely and long trips by car from Joburg to Cape Town, he was always ready and eager to put the work in. During the time we spent together compiling and designing his latest book, ‘Ex Offenders’, he taught me about the importance of kindness, humility, and always being in quest of quality. The opportunity to have worked with David Goldblatt was, and will remain, one of the highlights of my life as a photographer and designer.” – Christelle Troskie, designer.

“At Orms, we are extraordinarily lucky to work with incredible artists and creators on a daily basis. It is however not commonplace that one gets to work with a true living legend, someone who has impacted so many lives in the most profound way over the years. Working with David always left you with a sense of awe, or aspiration, feeling like you questioned your daily actions to ensure that they lived up to something more. I learnt about humility and treating all people the same. And about finding humour in every situation. Like when David called me from New York late one afternoon to tell me that all the works we had shipped arrived, damaged. Only to wait until I had calmed down to tell me that actually they were perfect and he was just joking. I feel honoured and privileged to have known him.” – Cara Van Riet, Framing Manager

“David has always been an inspirational force; from the first time I walked through one of his exhibitions while studying, to almost falling off my chair the first time I met him.
It has been an incredible journey of knowledge, power and humour working with David over the years.
What an honour, what a legend.” – Lauren Smit, Head of Professional Fine Art Printing

David Goldblatt is renowned for his work as a documentary photographer, focusing on society before and after Apartheid. But above all else, his work concerned human value. We offer our sincerest condolences to his family and we mourn the loss of an exceptional photographer, father and friend.

Portrait of David Goldblatt taken by Warren van Rensburg for Traffic Magazine.

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