Documenting the human habitat, Urbanite is a great series of urban landscapes by Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi.

Urbanite is a series of urban landscapes captured by Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi, who is currently based in Shanghai, China.

Bence’s photographs document the urban jungle, focussing on the somewhat chaotic human habitat in China’s larger cities. By capturing the photos as long exposures at night, Bence introduces a quieter, peaceful aesthetic to locations that are usually bustling by day.

View the rest of Urbanite, or take a look at more of Bence’s work on his website and Tumblr.

Bence Bakonyi 02 Bence Bakonyi 03 Bence Bakonyi 04 Bence Bakonyi 05 Bence Bakonyi 06 Bence Bakonyi 07 Bence Bakonyi 08 Bence Bakonyi 09 Bence Bakonyi 10 Bence Bakonyi 11

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives licence.

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