Which 50mm lens should you buy? Kai from DigitalRev TV takes three Canon 50mm lenses on a walkabout and offers advice.

A while ago, we published a post suggesting a few reasons for owning a 50mm prime lens, and now Kai from DigitalRev TV has answered the question of which 50mm you should get in their latest video.

Please note: If you’re not familiar with Kai’s style, it’s somewhat informal and humorous. Headphones advised.

While Kai only looks at three Canon models in his walkabout, the same advice also counts for Nikon and other manufacturers. Buy the lens you need for the photographs you’d like to create, at the price that suits your budget.

Here’s a few links from the extensive range of 50mm lenses available at Orms:






If you have any questions about 50mm lenses, or would like a personalised recommendation, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!


Which 50mm Lens Should You Buy?

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