Watch this amazing story of 31 rolls of undeveloped film from World War 2 being rediscovered and processed.

Here’s a feel-good story of rediscovery. Last year, Levi Bettwieser from the Rescued Film Project found 31 rolls of undeveloped film shot by a World War 2 soldier and salvaged it with the goal of developing it and sharing the photographs with the world. Of course, there were no guarantees that the latent images had survived the last 70 years of storage, but thankfully they decided to film the process anyway.

As a bonus, If you have no experience with developing film, the video also offers a nice look at the process itself.

Filmed By: Tucker Debevec
Audio Engineer: Eric Bower
Original Music: Mark Doubleday
Second Camera: Eric Bower
Edited by: Levi Bettwieser

Via Fstoppers.


Amazing Story: 31 Rolls Of WW2 Film Rediscovered

  1. This brought back old memories.
    My farther, who died in 1959 was a soldier in WW2. Unfortunately he was captured at Tobrukand sent to Italy as a POW.
    He escaped only to be recaptured and in the end landed in a POW camp in Germany up to the end of WW2.
    On returning to South Africa he was this first soldier to disembark from the aeroplane and was filmed by the film crew of African Mirror, which doesn’t exist any more.
    I was not born at the time but my mother told me the story.
    Now the hard question: Does that film still exist and how can I get hold of a copy?
    If somebody can help, kindly contact me at

    1. Hello Frans
      That’s so interesting! Have you tried the National Archives? Perhaps they might have record of it, if not hopefully they could point you in the right direction. If you do track the image down please share it with us.
      All the best, Michelle

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