The Orms Circle Mentorship Programme 2.0 has launched and submissions are open for those wanting to be guided by our select mentors to their first solo exhibition hosted at FORM, the Orms creative space.

Who better to give you the low down as to exactly what this programme has to offer and walk you through the process from submission to final exhibition, peppering in all of the internal obstacles she faced and overcame through this process.

What was the application process like for Yonela?
What was the transition from concept to creation like?
No artist is an island and the confrontation of imposter syndrome.
Should you apply? Yonela shares the difficulties and beautiful moments experienced during the Orms Circle Mentorship Programme and Lauren speaks to what has changed this year.
Why we refer to Orms Circle as an Open Network and why you should submit your application.

Hear Yonela share her full experience and journey through the Orms Circle Mentorship Programme by listening to this full episode and gain a deeper understanding of each step through Yonela’s diary entries here.

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