The Kirstenbosch Botanical Society has revealed the winning images for June in their Centenary Photographic Competition.

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Society has announced June’s winners in their Centenary Photographic Competition.

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The competition is divided into two categories: Section A is open to all photographers, while Section B is exclusive to students.

June’s Section A Winner:

Title: Transformed
Photographer: Michael Wrankmore

June’s Section B Winner:

Title: Flutterby
Photographer: Lily van Rensburg

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June’s Section A Highly Commended Images:

Title: An exquisite place
Photographer: Alan Marlowe

Title: LDC Sunbird in Breeding Plumage
Photographer: Jeanette du Toit

Title: Butterfly Feast
Photographer: Kirsten Packer

Title: Singing Sunbird
Photographer: Michele Nel

Title: Leucadendrons Aflame
Photographer: Jenny Morkel

June’s Section A Merit Images:

The following photographers took images of merit: Chloe Pickett, Maciej Soltynski, Noel Potgieter, Jenny Morkel, Nicholas Santrucek, Sofie De Meyer, Brian Suter and Michelle Walton.