Earlier this year, Nikon released the Z 5 mirrorless camera and many photographers were… confused. On the outside, this supposedly “new” camera looked virtually identical to its so-called “bigger brother”, the original Z6. We felt that our community needed a solid comparison between these two units so they could make an informed decision when choosing which one to purchase. Enter our Nikon Z 5 vs the Z6 video review!

Our concise but detailed video comparison of the Nikon Z 5 vs the Z6 covers the following topics.

  • A comparison of the Z 5 and Z6’s specifications and features
  • Ergonomics: How do the Z 5 and Z6 compare?
  • Testing the Z 5 and Z6’s image quality (with lots of sample images!)
  • Putting the cameras video features to the test, examples video clips included
  • A breakdown of our likes and dislikes when it comes to the Z 5
  • Conclusion: Is the Nikon Z 5 worth it?

You can catch the full video review over on our YouTube channel. We hope you find it helpful (or at the very least, entertaining!).

If you do happen to be interested in purchasing a Nikon Z 5, you can shop it body only or with a range of adapters and lenses on Orms Direct.


Did you catch the release of the brand-new Nikon Z 6II and Z 7II in mid-October? If you didn’t, don’t sweat it! You can still read our in-depth comparison of these new releases right here on Orms Connect.

Another camera that came out in October was the highly interesting Fujifilm X-S10. For the first time, Fujifilm has moved away from their analogue-inspired body design and conformed to a more traditional entry-level DSLR construction. We happen to think that this is a surprisingly good move, and you can find out why by watching our full video review on OrmsTV.