Due to the world-wide COVID-19 outbreak many of us are confined to our homes for varying amounts of time in order to flatten the curve and stop the spread of this virus. 

While we are under lockdown, Orms Air duo Jess Semple and Rachel Reeves are back with another episode but this time we’re putting all of our focus on sharing the spaces from which we are drawing inspiration during this time. 

As there were so many spaces mentioned in this episode of Orms Air we’ve decided to share our entire list for you here so that you too can draw inspiration from them and fully dive into our rather extensive collection.

Weekly Study Sessions

Orms and Orms Cape Town School of Photography are hosting weekly study sessions with a different focus each week. The aim of these study sessions is to keep you inspired while under lockdown and to keep our creative community united. You can find out all about our study sessions and join in here.


Both Jess and Rachel mention the Skillshare course thread sketcher and previous Orms Air guest Danielle Clough is running as a source of inspiration. Through this course Danielle shares her times and tricks to getting started with this exciting form of artistic expression and is even two months free should you sign up through the link in her Instagram bio.


While these are on the pricier side of online learning they really are worth it! Rachel is currently studying under author Margaret Atwood and loving every moment of it. With so many focuses included there’s something for everyone on this platform, give it a browse and see if there’s something to tickle your taste buds here.


The project started by Joseph Gordon Levitt fosters collaboration between creatives of varying disciplines. Jess loves this initiative and encourages all our listeners to download the app and get collaborating!


As podcasters both Jess and Rachel are seeking inspiration from other podcasts over this time, but Rachel specifically mentions one of her favourites at this time, the incredible Everything Is Alive. An unscripted podcast where host Ian Chillag is joined in conversation by guests who happen to be inanimate objects. You can find out more about Everything Is Alive here.


With most of the world spending time in-doors many writers have taken to their social accounts to provide and share inspiration with their followers. Jess has taken advantage of this and is following poet Rupi Kaur as she shares advice during her live streamed writing workshops. Be sure to find them on her Instagram here.

Instagram Live

Our most listened to episode of Orms Air was a conversation with creative Justice Mukheli and we can understand why. Justice is an incredibly humble and open individual who strives to share and create authentic representation of the African experience. During lockdown Justice has been giving back to his community through live streamed conversations with creatives of different disciplines which are incredibly intimate and not to be missed. Be sure to have a look at Justice’s Instagram and not miss out.

Corridor Crew

If you’re a listener of Orms Air this name will sound oddly familiar, this is Jess’s constant recommend for those looking for solidly great video content. The incredible Corridor Crew channel on YouTube is filled with giggle-inducing videos and packed with all of the tech to fit every need. They have recently started creating videos whilst in lockdown, they’re definitely worth a watch and can be found here.

Levis 501 Live

If you consider yourself a muso, this recommendation is for you! Levis has really upped their game with this one and are offering an intimate experience with live streamed concerts from a wide selection of musical artists. Be sure to take a look at Levis weekly live broadcast selection by heading over to their Instagram page here.

Some Good News

John Krasinski highlights some good news around the world in the form of a YouTube series that will give you a serious case of the giggles and good feels. This is the news station we have all been waiting for but didn’t know we needed. Be sure to have a watch by finding Some Good News on YouTube here.

Up Your Cooking Game

Yuppiechef South Africa’s premier kitchen and homeware store are offering a range of their online cooking classes free of charge whilst lockdown is in effect. You can learn everything from baking the perfect cake to mastering French classics. For those of you who have dreams of being the next master chef this is one not to miss! You can sign up here.

Create Space Art Sessions

Through their Instagram Create Space Art Sessions are hosting bi-weekly guided art sessions where you as the student are guided to creating your own masterpiece of whatever the focus is for that session. So for those of you missing your paint and sip classes this could be the next best thing! Have a look at what they have to offer here.

Virtual Gallery Experience

For those of you who have a long bucket list and who are feeling as though you may never tick it off, some of the world’s most famous galleries and museums are offering virtual tours of their collections. Giving you the opportunity to travel to your most coveted destinations through your screen.

Free Digital Books

The Internet Archive has opened its virtual doors and are now offering 1.4 million ebooks to anyone with an internet connection. Have a browse of their virtual shelves here.

Ultimately we feel that it’s very important to remember that creativity cannot be switched on and off. It needs to be nurtured to have space to grow so don’t apply pressure to yourself if you aren’t creating. 

We are all doing the very best that we are able to during these times and we would like you all to know that we’re here to support you wherever possible. 

Even if that’s hitting us up on our social channels for a chat when you’re feeling lonely, this is a moment where we drop all divides and really stand united. 

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